Abbigale Rose.
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So I don’t understand…

…why people think they’re so ugly? I see a bunch of text photos about being ugly and awkward and stuff, but seriously, don’t any of you have any self confidence? At all? Has anyone ever liked you, or have you been in a relationship? Are you all going to die virgins? Come on. I mean, I don’t think I’m the hottest damn thing, but I definitely don’t think I’m ugly. And I’m realllllly tired of seeing posts about girls wanting to be skinnier, wanting protruding hip bones, ribs showing, spine showing, collar bones. I’m sorry, but if I was a guy, I wouldn’t be after a bag of bones anorexic bitch. Fucking eat potato chips and cake for God’s sake, but if you’re so worried about being fat, just don’t be lazy. Be HEALTHY. Not skeletal. Why don’t you people just be happy with the way you are? For fuck’s sake.