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Okay so FeaturePoints…

I just downloaded the app for it on my iPad and it’s seriously awesome. No bullshit guys, you should try it. It’s this app where you can download other free apps as like a trial or whatever, and use the app for like 30 seconds and get points. Then you just delete the test app when your points show up. You get rewards for your points too, like amazon gift cards, paypal money, xbox, itunes stuff. Y’all probably think it’s a scam or some shit but it’s not! Do it!
Just download the app and use: HXDXZX as your code for 50 extra points! :)

Don’t unfollow me for this, I just thought it was pretty great..

So today..

While I was laying in bed with my boy-thing after some activities, we started talking about our ages (he’s 23, I’m 18), and he was getting all weird and complaining about the fact that I’m fresh out of high school and how I look really young when he thinks about it. I started teasing him, calling him an old man and stuff, then just to freak him out, I looked up at him and said “Can I call you daddy?” Needless to say he wouldn’t kiss me for a good half hour after that. Made my day hahaha.